Our Core Values

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier”

Roy E. Disney

Booktips 9 values




1. Commitment to Make Minimum Results

We have never fired any member since we started due to performance issues. We have a salaries structure that splits the salary you get into two parts. Part you get when you reach the required hours and another part when you achieve a minimum target. This enables us to not fire anyone due to performance issues.







2. Honesty and Transparency

We believe that transparency with employees, customers, or investors gives us an edge to sustain our business for more than six years till now.





3. Flexibility

We believe that flexibility is a survival factor for companies. Starting from flexible working hours, moving to working from home, until choosing your day off. This enables us to be a heaven for working mothers and students.






4. Be Proactive

We do our best to be a place that encourages being proactive not reactive. All members at Booktips are concerned to make this company sustainable and to develop what we do.






5. Best Argument Wins

We are a non authoritative company. Many times a manager’s suggestions were not implemented and a new member’s point of view was applied.






6. Age is Just a Number

There are no age barriers to get promoted. A student could be a manager.





7. Self Awareness

It enables you to be respectful, grateful, and ambitious.






8. We are Here for a Reason

We believe that having a “why” in your life makes you happy and resilient. So, we tend to hire people who are purpose driven. Your “why” could be “spreading awareness” or anything you believe in.




9. Good Things Take Time to Happen

Most people look forward to the skyrocketing success of Facebook, which is the rare exception in the great world companies. The very successful companies got noticed on average after 14 years from starting.