“It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.”

George Lorimer



Every single customer, employee, or supplier has a great impact on our journey since 2015. We are proudly sustaining our business since we started without any seed investors so far. Though, we are open to discussing any investment opportunity that entails :

1. Legal support in Egypt.
2. Legal support to register our company in Malaysia, Singapore, or UK.
3. Any kind of relevant technological support or partnership.
4. Also, we are passionate to meet investors that believe in our vision.


Business model

Get your book edited and designed.

Increase your motive to read more books.


Contact interested bookworms to receive honest, constructive reviews.

We are ready with our updated business plan and financial statements for serious investors.

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