Spreading awareness is a big deal for us.




We believe that businesses should have purpose explains why you exist and making money is just a result, not a purpose.

The story of Booktips’ purpose evolved while watching a TED Talk by Simon Sinek called “Start with why” The talk highlighted something we believe, which is that the main goal of a business isn’t money. Money is important to sustain our living, but every organization should have a social value around which all employees are centralized. We are committed to developing services and communities that empower people to increase awareness.



Why, How, and What?

1. Your manuscript to the next level:

We enable aspiring authors to release high quality books. Choose a suitable package to professionally edit and design your book.

2. Enjoy reading:

We try to make reading a more enjoyable process using gamification techniques. Bookworms receive free ebooks, contact authors, write constructive reviews, gain points, and win the game.

3. Author’s get recognized:

We believe that authors should be recognized for their authentic thoughts.
Therefore, we are bridging the gap between authors and bookworms. Authors get connected to interested bookworms to give a free e-copy and receive an honest, constructive feedback.

Our Services

Get your book edited and designed.

Increase your motive to read more books.


Contact interested bookworms to receive honest, constructive reviews.

Clients' Reviews

Our clients help us to improve and strive for more.





Get a close look on our purpose-driven business.

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