Meet Our Team

“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.”

Steve Jobs

a little about..


Fady Mokhtar
Founder and CEO
I am responsible for making everyone proud to work
at this company.

Mohannad Hesham
Vice CEO
I am the people person. I am passionate about investing in the team and helping them enjoy discovering and utilizing their maximum potential day by day.

Iman Mahmoud
Community facilitation team leader
I believe that creativity and motivation are the cornerstones of success.
I coordinate the work flow among my team members and ensure that they use innovative approaches.


Eman Hammam
Community facilitator
I have the belief and passion in what Booktips do which is to spread awareness through various means, and this is why the company was founded. I support a wide community of reviewers to connect to authors and get bigger every day.

Nouran Yasser
Community facilitator
I am grateful to be a part of the community facilitation team. For me, building a community of readers is an accomplishment because I believe in our vision “Spreading Awareness”.

Sara Radwan
Community facilitator
I love spreading joy and adding some fun to every task I do. I help readers discover new books and connect them with the authors. I try to make them passionate about reading and take advantage of each book they read.


Rania El-Katatny
Account manager
I am an account manager at Booktips. I create content and work on increasing followers and interactions for authors to help them reach more readers.

Ahmed Assem
Affiliate Program Lead
We seek to make authors happy and we decided to push it further and make other web creators happy to expand the happiness! Leading Booktasters Affiliate program will allow us to help authors as well as content creators!


Our Hall of fame is the place where we give credit to people and service providers who gave great assistance to Booktips.



1. Mohamed Hussin is one of the very few people who provided an important consistent contribution since the beginning of Booktips. He participated in choosing the purpose of spreading awareness, designed the nice logo of Booktips and has been doing many great things concerning IT for the company till now.


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2. Marylee MacDonald is the most loyal and supportive customer at Booktips. She is using our services consistently since July 2015. Our CEO considers her one of the Co-founders.


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We thank Service providers who were a great help to Booktips.